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Mobile CMB

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Mobiel CMB (http://mobilecmb.nl , public since April 22 2011)


We are doing a complete update and redesign of the basics right now...



The url to this version is: http://mobilecmb.nl


Scan the qr-code with your mobile and go directly to the (web) app!

Any comments? Use the Thumbs UP or DOWN button or email me at brekelajpATgmail.com.


  1. Banner/logo’s 
  2. Search
    1. Select Search
      1. PubMed (integrated, test)
        1.  From this most used database we want to offer an integrated search compiled with the PubMed API. We are fine-tuning this and it is now connected to our linkresolver (RUGLinks, sfx)
        2. extra: Send Tweets about search results on record level.  
      2. UpToDate (with proxy, optimized for mobile, partly integrated) 
      3. Discover (Beta-test of the new WorldCat Local implementation of the University of Groningen
    2. More 
      1. E-Journals
      2. E-Books
      3. AccessMedicine 
      4. Ebsco 
      5. SciFinderMobile
      6. All Databases Rug/UMCG 
  3. LibGuides (optimized for mobile)
    1. Medicine
    2. Dentistry
    3. Human Movement Sciences
    4. Verpleegkunde (Nursing)
    5. View all Libguides 
  4. Refworks (Mobile version, Needs Refworks Group Code, mentioned in confirmation email after creating your personal RefWorks account)
  5. Nestor (non-mobile Blackboard access for the UMCG and the RuG)
  6. News
    1. Published News from library website, including Send tweet on News item level
  7. Contact
    1. Chat (Olark chat box, works on without flash, for iphone too, managed via any desired IM)
    2. Call
    3. Email
    4. Visit
    5. About (Link to this wiki)
  8. Computers (showing available pc's in CMB, UMCG and University Library)
  9. Booklist (innovative tool to scan new books with QR Tags from Library Catalogue to appear in Layer (Augmented reality)
    showing the libraries where you can actually find this book) More info will follow, temporarily invisible
  10. Renew (Your loands from the library)
  11. Courses/Workshops
  12. Medical Apps (How to find them, reviews, and more, related to our iPads on Loan Project)
  13. Social Media
    1. twitter
    2. Hyves
    3. facebook
    4. Linkedin
  14. Like/Dislike


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